German Field Telephone 1940German Field Telephone [dated 1940]
This was discovered while clearing out an outhouse of a farm we recently moved from. When we dug it out of a pile of Bric-a-Brac it was in a very poorly state. The casing was coated in a thick layer of grime, and the interior metal parts and connectors were rusted. Realising what it was, and its significance, I took it along to a Militaria Dealer nearby.

He confirmed that it was a German Field Telephone that may well have been used by the German Military, as indicated by a small plaque he pointed out inside the casing. To read the plaque an eyeglass was required, and using his I spotted the minute German Eagle insignia he had been looking for.

The Telephone carries a 1940 stamp, which is clearly visible. He explained that it was not worth a lot of money on the open Militaria market, but that they were popular with reenactors, and that it had potential as a prop for a film or stage set. He recommended I clean the casing, which is of a Bakelite type substance, with wire wool. Here pictured is the progress to date.

The cleaning process was very effective, and the results, whilst not readily apparent from this rather hazy photo, I can assure you, were also very effective, the casing has come up good as new.