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Airfields is a two-player board game

In style, it is similar, if not directly parallel to the game 'Battleships' :- By drawing from research of specific attacks on airfields, by opposing airborne forces, it also becomes possible to create set-piece scenario's.

The main difference between Battleships and Airflields is that; during play the turn of the player is not restricted to seeking the opponents Battleships in random 'bombing' patterns, but that the opposing players engage in more complex and role-specific gameplay. Defending player's defend an Airfield, the Airfield is the game-board for both players and is a grid marked in the style of the game Battleships with an x and a y axis. Attacking player's attack the Airfield and have a limited number of aircraft with which to make bomb-run's in an attempt to destroy or decommission an airfield. The game continues until either; the attacking player's aircraft have all been shot down or, the defending player's airfield is destroyed. In order to destroy an airfield, put it out of commission, the attacking aircraft need to achieve several combinations of direct hits on buildings, runways, aircraft and equipment essential to the maintenance and operation of the airfield under attack.